Johnny B’s

What: Concert Venue. PBArt Gallery. Bar.

Where: 120 E 6th St, Medford, OR 97501



What’s to love? 

  • Pool
  • Bar – Cum – Gallery
  • Strip Mall Graceland
  • Genre-busting music curation


First of all: The folks who run this joint actually like what they’re doing, and it shows. They’re behind the bar and in the kitchen frying up mozzarella sticks, and even there to help when the pool table is reluctant spitting out all yo balls. Covers are not too spendy ($4?! is a bargain when you’re accustomed to paying $15 for some high school garage band. Or is that just called “charity”?) and the music is GOOD. Whether it’s rockabilly or “conscious screamo” an ice-cold Old German and the faintly strip mall aesthetic fixed up with PBArt, and sinister hand painted puppets and masks makes excellent conversation after the fourth well drink. Feeling bored? When the lead singer yells “FUCK THE ILLUMINATI” that’s your cue to start a mosh pit. Yes, mosh pits have rules. No world-cup style face punches. Or knees to the vertebrae. If you play your cards right, you might even get an appreciative “devil finger” and Gene Simmons tongue salute from a fellow mosher. That’s how you know you made it.


Does PBR make YOU a better pool shark?


“Shower beer” has a whole new meaning.


Yup, it’s on tap. And on the walls. Shit, PBR is everywhere.



Stage Left: Captured the bassist at the one time he was not masticating neon pink bubblicious as if his life depended on it. Raccoon tails give a little extra je ne sais quoi to every outfit.


#notsleeping. Just resting.



Johhny B’s

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